The Latest Trend Setters in Backpacks

If you are a college student then you would want your backpack to meet certain criteria. These criteria may include the necessity for them to be large enough to fit your laptops, books, some snacks and also some other stuff depending on your taste. You would also want your backpack to be waterproof just in case you find some rain along the way to your college. Well, to make things easier for you, we decided to check out some of the best backpack for college. In the following section we are going to give a detailed description about the top 4 best backpacks for college students:

Jan sport Right Pack Backpack

It is one of the best backpacks because it gives you everything you require in a backpack at a reasonable price. Yes, it is not that hi-tech or not extremely high-end like some of the other backpacks we will be discussing on this list but if you are someone who likes to keep things as simple as possible then this bag is the best pick for you. Priced at a modest $58, this backpack has ample space for holding your laptop, your lunch box and some books to go along with it.

Linus: The More sack than a bag.

This backpack is admittedly one of the more stylish options available in the backpack market at this point in time. More suited for a lady, this bag is more like a sack and is for students who feel that carrying a backpack is an unnecessary hype. Again, priced at a modest $ 69, this sack is inspired by vintage boat bags. The canvas of the bag is aimed at providing durability at a reasonable cost. The design is multipurpose and the bag can be easily used as a shopping bag or a beach bag.

Fjallraven Skule.

This company is known for producing some of the finest camping or trekking gear in the market. The backpack designed by the same company draws some similarities from the camping goods as it is made up of material that can last long. The backpack is school friendly and has enough space to accommodate all your belongings. The price of this bag is a little on the higher side as it is priced at $ 120. But having said that the quality of the bag completely justifies the price. If you are looking for some style with added performance then this bag is worth a shot.

The Roadrunner Anything Pack.

Among the bags that we have discussed so far, this bag has the most space. The bag is designed for students who store much more than just laptops and books in their backpacks. (If you know what I mean) The bag has a pair of looped straps on the area outside the bag which allows you to carry much more than you could ever imagine. The Medium sized Roadrunner bag is priced at $ 150 which is again on the higher side but I do not think that you can get that much of space for less than that.