How Online Quran Learning is Possible

Being a Muslim, learning Quran is a part of our faith. Acquiring Quranic knowledge has become easier with the growing technology. People living in the areas having no access to the tutors can have benefit from the online academies, established solely for the purpose of teaching how to read and learn Quran. As a matter of religious sensitivity, the online quran teacher must be free of sector differences and racial discrimination. The teaching provided must be based only upon the word of Allah.

What platforms can be used for online Quran learning?

There are many online Quran learning academies that provides the teachings of Quran in terms of reading and learning the Quran. Skilled and educated tutors may provide classes over Skype. Different applications and software can also be used for the purpose of educating people with the Quranic learning. Whatever the platform used, it must be made sure that it is a genuine and a reliable source of education and only abide by the teaching of Quran without deviating from the sole purpose and giving off unnecessary and irrelevant information.

How online academies work?

In online academies, people willing to gain the knowledge about Quran sign up at the platform being used. Mostly these online academies are free of cost or provide the learning at a lower cost. Tutors are skilled, experienced and trained to teach the Holy Quran. Timings are adjustable according to the convenience of the student. An interactive environment is created to provide better understanding of Quran. Thecorrect pronunciation of Arabic words are taught. It may also provide translation and interpretation of the Quranic verses. Courses are set on the basis of the previous knowledge about Quran. As for younger students, lessons are started from the Norani Qaida which is the basic step in learning the characters and pronunciation of Arabic.

What online academies teach?

The basic purpose of these online Quran learning academies is to teach how to read and pronounce the words of Allah in Quran. The lessons provided includes the pronunciation development, followed by the reading the Quran word by word.

Recitation of Holy Quran in a beautiful way is taught. Also, according to the will of the person, the courses for memorization of Quranic verses can also be given.

Other than the reading and learning of Quran, lessons about Hadith and Sunnah can also be given based on authentic Hadith and Sunnah sources. Moral and character building of the students is also the part of these online courses. It helps the students understand Islam vigilantly and apply the basic teachings of Islam in the daily routine tasks and living.

Benefits of online Quran learning academies:

Online learning of Quran is beneficial because it provides skilled and educated tutors to the people at home without having to search for the tutors in surroundings. It may be free of cost or at an affordable expense. Timings are flexible so it does not affect the routine work. A better understanding can be obtained due to one to one interaction. It can be accessed from anywhere. A person not only learns about Quran but also gains information about other aspects in moral and character building.