Netflix is an immensely popular website and application, because it possess an intimidating and largest library of live-action TV and cinema on the web. Netflix has something for everyone. It has put in a great section of some whimsical anime series that you should not look over. Some of the most popular categories of Netflix are better than the anime section, however, the selected animes in the category are shrewd choices that viewers would love to watch. Crunchyroll is a dedicated anime website that contains hundreds of animes but it can be very tine consuming before the user actually stumbles upon something worth watching. With Netflix you do not have to sift through various collections of dubious shows to reach the gems. The Netflix collection of Anime is limited but has a high standard that is worth a watch. There is an anime out there on Netflix that you will definitely be hooked to. So, continue reading to find out what are the top five amines on Netflix that you will be compelled to binge watch.

  1. La La Kill

RyukoMatiois a female protagonist who follows the journey to discover who killed her father. Awholeinstitution of students who wear ‘Goku’ uniform stand in her way. The students have superhuman abilities led by the secretive Satsuki Kiryuin. This show is based around a hyper-stylizeddisplay of violence.


  1. Sword Art Online

This anime is based on a manga. This show is about virtual reality MMORPG that takes a bitter turn. The players are trapped inside a complex and revolutionary game. Anyone who tries to leave Sword Art Online will instantlyhave their brains scrambled and to make things worse when the health bar drops to zero, the player will suffer the same treatment.


  1. Durarararara!

Durarara means nothings but it is a supernatural soap opera based on a winning formula. It was a popular hit when it first released in 2010. This show is about teenage gangsters and headless bikers in Tokyo district. The life of three teenagers falls apart as the story unravels with more unusual elements. It is super weird but in a good way.


  1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

This is the story of two brothers who make attempts to revive their dead mother. This excursion takes a false turn and disembodies his little brother and also results in him losing his right arm. Edward and Alphonse, the two brothers look for the return of their twsited bodies. It is the longest anime series on Netflix.


  1. Knights of Sidonia

It is an original Netflix mecha anime set in the future. Xenomorphs are known as ‘gauna’ in the show which attack the humanity. Humans are persistently pursuing the spaceship called “Sidonia” to save the last survivors. The first season of the show is a bit too unrealistic however, in the second season the show takes a good turn and becomes very interesting.