The Gorgeous Viking Necklace

Whether it is a party or any other social gathering, people like to dress up nicely for those occasions, wearing beautiful dresses, gorgeous shoes, shiny accessories and so on. Accessories are the most important element in defining a person’s fashion status, enhancing their appearance with elegance. Accessories are interesting as they can be worn anywhere you want, whether it is a casual outing or formal parties, or even for daily wear. These accessories are based on different things like they can be following a pattern or a theme. One of the most common themes in accessories is the Viking culture. And out of them, the Viking necklace is the most popular.

The Viking Culture

Viking culture is pretty popular, both in the olden days and in the modern world. It is a part of Norse Mythology. The Vikings were basically Norse seafarers who lived during the latter part of the 8th century to later 11th century. The language they spoke was the Old Norse. They used to raid and then trade from their homelands in the Northern part of Europe, which is now called Scandinavia.

For the Vikings, their appearance was an important part of their life. They used to be well groomed, having neat hairstyles. They used to wear expensive clothes, often made of silk, and wore gorgeous jewelry to express their status and wealth.

The Viking Jewellery

The Viking jewelry is famous for its history as well as its intricate designs. The Vikings used to wear various types of jewelry like brooches, necklaces, arm rings, belt buckles, etc., that were well crafted. Most of this jewelry was crafted in specific and beautiful designs which were unique to the culture of Norse. A single brooch was worn on the right shoulder by the men, while the women wore two brooches for either shoulder to pin their shawls. Finger rings were commonly used but earrings were unpopular (it was considered as a Slavic thing). But the most popular of all was the Viking necklace.

Those necklaces were made from various materials like precious stones, glass beads, small metal charms. Ornaments were also made from amber and resin. The most popular metals used to make jewelry were gold and silver, which was brought from foreign countries after trading. Viking ornaments were also made from animal bones. But ornaments made from animal bones were worn by the poor along with bronze or pewter-made jewelry. The rich wore the expensive gold and silver-made Viking necklace.