Learn About The Types Of Back Support Pillow Which Can Help In Relieving Backaches

A person who is suffering from severe backaches thinks that it is all because of the bed or the mattress. But the case is somewhat different. Back pains are a major contribution from the position of the spine while sitting. One tends to change the shape of the pillow so that they can feel at ease by supporting it behind the back. A pillow is basically designed in order to support the spine in a manner that it maintains the normal curve. When the shape of the pillow is changed the support becomes irregular and thereby the causing muscle aches. A back support pillow is a type of cushion which helps the spine to maintain its regular shape and so reduces the back pain. The article underneath will explain the type of back support pillow which when brought into the application they help in relieving backaches.


Types Of Back Support Pillow That Relieves Backaches:

There are various kinds of pillows which help in relieving backaches in different ways. Listed below are some of these kinds of pillows:

  1. Curved feather: This is the type of pillow which is used by all. Unless fluffy, these kinds of pillows are very good for backaches. Fluffy pillows may make to your head rise above the mean position. In fact, they can even submerge your head into the pillow such that disturbing the equilibrium state of the body. In both the mentioned cases the pillow tends to generate an ache which might get severe if not treated.
  2. Memory foam: Most of the orthopaedic cushions are categorized under this kind of pillows. They are more firm and hence provide a good support to the back. This pillow adjusts itself according to the shape of the person’s back, thereby providing a more comforting back.
  3. Lumbar pillow: These pillows are also composed of memory foams but rather than supporting the neck, they support the back of the pillow. These pillows are designed in the shape of a wedge or have a coil top.
  4. Body pillow: These types of pillows provides an all body support. They assist the back, knee as well as the neck of the person. Body pillows are useful for women who are in labour. People with chronic backaches also use body pillows.
  5. Lumbar cushion: These pillows are not meant for sleeping. Back pains can also occur due to an irregular sitting position. Lumbar cushions help to maintain the normal curve of the spine while a person is in a sitting position.


A back support pillow is a great tool to get relieved from a backache. They are caused due to irregular sitting or sleeping positions. The article explains the different types of pillows which are used in order to provide a support to the back of the person.