Shop till you drop this Singles day

The origin of Singles day lies in China, where a lot of significance is attached to numerological beliefs. Every year 11/11 is celebrated as ‘Singles Day’ which marks the date containing only ones.

This day is considered as the Chinese counterpart of Black Friday and celebrated quite similarly. Shop owners provide huge discounts for shoppers to take advantage of the shopping season. In China, it is marked with great enthusiasm as people line up in shops to buy the stuff they need at extremely cheap prices. It has gone on to become the largest online shopping event in the world even surpassing Black Friday. In 2018, one billion Euros were alone spent on the online marketplace. Consumers in China spent a total of 27.2 billion Euros on a single day creating worldwide headlines.

With the advent of globalization, celebrating Singles Day is now becoming a part of traditions in other countries as well. In German-speaking countries more and more retailers are now cashing in on the trend. Online retailers and marketplaces this year offered discounts ranging up to 11 percent.

How to grab the best deals?

There are a few tricks that can help you purchase the product that you like with minimum hassles. They are as follows:

  • Make a list: It is essential that you first the shortlist that you intend to buy, so that you do not miss out on the things that you need primarily or unnecessarily hoard goods that are of no use.
  • Do market research: Singles Day offers are advertised a few days in advance at most of the online stores, you must check and compare the prices offered by different outlets to make sure that you usurp the maximum discount.
  • Create a wish-list on online stores: Online stores allow you the function of short listing a particular that you intend to buy in your wish-list, this can help you find your product quickly before it runs out of stock
  • Manage your accounts and addresses: One must create an account beforehand to save precious time which may otherwise be utilized in signing up, and check for the delivery details. You must verify if your address is catered by that particular vendor
  • Be quick in your actions: It is important that you add items to your cart swiftly and manage your tabs accordingly. Even in the case that you buy a wrong item, most of them can be returned within 15 days, so it is in the best interest that you buy immediately as soon as you lay your hand on a product.

Singles Day can help you buy a variety of goods that you need at extremely low prices. One must make sure they extract the maximum out of the available offers.