An overview of the Coccyx cushion

The coccyx cushion is a type of cushion seat that will support your tailbone and relieve it from the pain. This coccyx cushion is usually made from heavy-duty foam or gel which is quite beneficial as it helps in the reduction of pressure on your tailbone. It provides great comfort and stability to the user. As per your needs, you can avail them as they come in various shapes and sizes.

What is the need to use coccyx cushions?

People who suffer from back pain consider sitting down to be a position that is very uncomfortable for them. Also, sitting down for a longer period of time can make things worse and affect the health problems people are undergoing though which include back wounds, fistulas, spinal injuries among the others. Thus making use of this coccyx cushion can be of great advantage to these people.

How can you choose a coccyx cushion?

  • The style, design and its shape: you can avail them in various sizes, shapes, and types as well. The most common ones which are being purchased and used are the U-shaped, V-shaped and square shaped. They have a hole which is located in the center which helps in relieving the pain in the coccyx and thus that reduces the pressure on the spinal column. Well, never forget to consider the shape of the cushion because it plays a very important role in proving a comfort to the user.
  • Material: these cushions are made from different materials which provides comfort to the user. The materials that are used to make the coccyx cushion include cotton filled balls, gels, and deluxe memory foams. Whoever material is required for your needs make sure you opt for it to get the best comfort out of it.

What are the benefits one can have using the coccyx cushions?

Helps in improving the posture: sitting for a long period of time can make individuals slouch and this can result in causing damage to their tailbone. But with the help of the coccyx cushion, the pelvis is elevated and this helps in keeping the spine in an upright position.

Provides gentle support: these cushions make sure that they provide you with the lower back pain gentle support which will ensure that the tailbone adopts to a comfortable position thus pushing the pelvis slightly further. Instead of taking medication like tablets for pain, the cushion is definitely a better alternative.