Best Natural Foods That Are Rich in Vitamins

Taking foods that are rich in vitamins increase your vitamin levels and you will enjoy lots of health benefits. As many people don’t make it a priority to eat foods rich in vitamins, many of them embark to vitamins for women to restore the normal volume of vitamins in the body. To make sure you keep your body on the best level of vitamins, you need to make sure you eat vitamins always and the below foods can be of great help on vitamin level improvement in your body.

Vitamin B 1 and B2

These are among the top most important vitamins of the B complex class. They assist in excellent metabolic functions of the body so you need to take them. For vitamin B1 sources are Soymilk, ham, watermelon and Acorn squash. There are other sources but these are the most reliable ones that contain a high amount of B1. On B2, you can take Cheese, milk, yogurt, whole and enriched cereals and grains.

Other Vitamin B Complex

From B3 or B9, you will be able to get the vitamins if you eat meat, legumes, fish, poultry, tofu as well as other soy products and bananas. Every vitamin has its own source so you need to know what is important for you to eat to ensure you get all nutrients. Vitamin B complex increase appetite, increase immune strength in the body and also promote body metabolic processes. Always make sure you eat frequently even if its small amounts so that you don’t undergo any deficit at all times.

Vitamin C and A

Vitamin C is a wonderful vitamin because it contains collagen stimulating factors. Collagen is important because it facilitates joint growth and development and makes your connective tissue to be very strong. Vitamin A is important for retina health and promotes night vision. Vitamin A can be found in carrots and you can also find it in some fruits. Vitamin D and Calcium helps in growth of bone and strong teeth therefore they are nice in prevention of osteoporosis.

Always make sure you find the sources from natural foods not inorganic foods. PMS supplements prevent mood swings and you will be able to live without any moods at all times. Always make sure you take vitamin K rich foods because Vitamin K assists in Blood clotting. Cabbage, eggs, milk, spinach, broccoli, kale are good sources of Vitamin K.