Different marriage fraudulent happened around shahdara Delhi

Marriage bureaus usually seek for the people, who are desperate in looking for the perfect partner, uses this as their advantage to cheat them. These marriage bureaus affirm in the name of connecting the individuals with the perfect partner exploiting in mass number. Most of the marriage bureaus across the country use unfair tactics to steal the maximum money from the people whom they get in name of client having matrimonial problems owing to financial and social constraints that are present in our society.

People have reported that match makers give them ample assurances that they will find the best suitable match their candidates. However, they elope or behave like they don’t know what happened after receiving a hefty amount of money as fees from the candidate and refuse doing the service they mentioned to provide. First they lure us to pay them heavy fees since they had promised to find excellent match and once they got they behave like they don’t recognize me reported by a lady who was looking for a groom.

Facts reveal that most of the match makers make profit by cheating the middle class families and overseas peoples who come too them to get their son or daughter to be married to a traditional person. They charge around twenty thousand rupees for the people who are looking for matches overseas and within the country charges less. Mostly people from middle class or overseas settled people contact marriage bureaus. These culprit matchmakers exploit the hope of marriage by looting as much as possible from them.

A 20 year guy who stays Australia had scribed to post an advertisement looking for suitable match for him. Soon after publication of the particular ad, several marriage bureaus had contacted him and some of them promised them he will get a beautiful as princess from the fairy tale. And out of fantasy and he started paying them as much money as they asked but never kept their words of showing the princess.

Details says that marriage bureau in shahdara Delhi are allegedly involved in running brothels in name of matrimonial services. A guy in the name of match maker introduces himself as a professor is allegedly involved in illegal and immortal activities. And some cheats in name of new ones with arranging married ones who elopes getting the maximum money they can. This is all due to improper maintenance of the profiles by matchmakers. This leads to disappointment and losing hope in traditional marriage.