The World Is Progressing Towards Online Movies through 123movies

The Internet has been progressing at an amazing rate since it was first invented, in less than 30 years we have gone from waiting for hours to access a webpage to watching complete movies online without even waiting for it to buffer. The development in internet technology is great, and it has opened a lot of possibilities of jobs and opportunities that didn’t even exist before but at the same time internet had killed business which existed long before even the word internet was termed.

One of those businesses is the Cinema industry, as all the that we are supposed to watch in the cinema theatre after paying for the ticket are now being streamed online for free. Online movies are slowly and gradually killing the cinema industry, with all the movies available on our fingertips we don’t even have to move to the other side of the bed to access to this large library of movies. So here are some non-notable conditions that are formed because of online movies which are destroying the cinema industry.

  1. The production cost of making a movie is high 

It takes millions of dollars to make a decent movie for all of us to watch, and one of the major incomes for the movie is through box office collection, and when we watch the movie online instead of paying for the tickets, the collection is low and so is the revenue of the movie.

  1. 2. Services like Netflix and Prime Video

Netflix and Prime Video claim that they don’t want the cinema industry to die but that the movies are available online faster. This is just a sugarcoated way of promoting their services as they do not understand that they need to give people time to watch the movie in a cinema theatre, but if the movie is available on the internet soon after it is released, then no one will make the effort of going and enjoying the cinema experience.

  1. The busy schedule 

People are so busy in the 21st century that they don’t have a whole 2 hours free to watch a movie in a theatre hall. People are always on the go and have only 15 to 30 minutes at max free in a continuous timeline. So, people prefer watching movies in parts rather watching it all in one go and online movies through 123movies provide this facility by allowing us to watch any movie on demand.

The world is progressing at an amazing rate; people are busier than ever before; no one seems to have time for themselves, let alone for movies. In an environment like this, online movies provide a way out for most people, and if the direction of the progress doesn’t change, then the cinema theatre will be a thing of past, and our TV screens will be the biggest screen we could use to watch a movie.