Consumption of Huile de Chauffage across the world

Heating oil (fuel oil) is a low adhesive and liquid petroleum product which directly comes from refineries so that they are not recycled oil. It delivers to both residential and commercial sector. It is the second By-Product after petrol. It differs from diesel and the main difference between Huile de chauffage and diesel is allowance of sulfur, however tax also differ from country to country

For the residential purpose you can use it in oil heater, pool heater and many other places, home Huile de Chauffage  is more expensive than gas because of its huge demand especially in winter and summer is the best time to buy because supplier lowers its price.

It less used in commercial work.

Benefits of such fuel:-

  • It is safe to use because it has an oil burner this means it can be stored safely.
  • Beneficial for the economy because it is cheaper than the use of gas
  • It is efficient.

It has various properties:-

  • Ash content
  • Water
  • Carbon
  • Adhesiveness

Huile De chauffage uses in generating electric energy. It is produced from burnable liquids like kerosene, diesel fuel or coal but its flash point is higher than kerosene, it is cheaper than other fuel that is why preferred more.

Where does fuel oil come from?

It is obtained from petroleum distillation or any other fuel which we used to generate heat. It is formed by the breakdown of organic material over many years.

Types of heating Oil:-

It has only two types which are as follows

  • Gas oil – it is known as red diesel which is heavier (distilled from petroleum) it is in liquid form used for machinery. It differs from gas because that is mixture of many other gases
  • Kerosene – also known as heating oil it is flammable liquid many thick substances made from kerosene, it is mainly used to power aircraft and jet engines.

How is it Transport from place to place?

Huile de chauffage is delivered by tank truck via road or ship that is why it is important to check its safety, cleanness, and leakage.

While transportation from ship oil spill occurs, this is hazardous for marine animals and the environment which pollute water. Spills might occur on land too but that is much different and less dangerous from spills in water.

Hence, it is important to check and maintain its transportation and installation as it is a loss of money as well as dangerous for environment.